Share this article Share To investigate whether semen has antidepressant effects, the authors rounded up college females from the university’s Albany campus, who agreed to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about various aspects of their sex lives. They suggest the ability to detect foreign sources is an evolved system that often leads to unsuccessful pregnancies – via greater risk of preeclampsia – because it signals a disinvested male partner who is not as likely to provide for the offspring. Each participant also completed the Beck Depression Inventory, a commonly used clinical measure of depressive symptoms. The most significant findings from this study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, were that, even after adjusting for frequency of sexual intercourse, women who engaged in sex and ‘never’ used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than did those who ‘usually’ or ‘always’ used condoms. Importantly, these chronically condom-less, sexually active women also evidenced fewer depressive symptoms than did those who abstained from sex altogether. By contrast, sexually active heterosexual women, including self-described ‘promiscuous’ women, who used condoms were just as depressed as those practicing total abstinence. The research suggests it is not just that women who are having sex are simply happier, but that happiness levels might be related to the quantity of semen within their body. Share or comment on this article: Semen is ‘good for women’s health and helps fight depression’.

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Members can create their unique username during registration for their personal profile URL eg, yoursite. Bulletin board messages created by a member will be broadcast to al friends Audio Members can create unlimited audio albums Ability to upload mp3 files to the albums Each member profile will have a customizable mp3 audio player and they are able to host their own audio files Search Search for new friends and increase the member’s network of friends Basic Search: Members have the ability to display only friends with photos and sort search results.

Listings Members can create listings which will be posting in the Listings Directory Members can select the category where their listings will be posted and have the ability to upload photos, select the period of the listing up to 30 days , make the listing anonymous. Members also have the ability to publish a listing to their groups which only group members can view or selected network of friends Ability to search listings by keywords, category and subcategory, distance and degrees Members can notify friends through email about their new listings Groups Groups draw together individuals who share a common interest.

These groups can be focused on any subject, affiliation, or activity. The details include name, username, number of guest attending, status, ticket ID Option for generating a unique ticket ID for attendees NEW Event creator can have the option to charge members a fee for attending their event.

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By Jolie O’Dell Learn more about Rackspace’s hosting solutions here. SMS is the ugly stepchild of mobile applications, but if you’re looking for a simple way to reach a huge swath of people, SMS is the way to go. After all, smartphone penetration is still relatively low within the U. And for some tasks, you might not need something as complicated as a native or mobile web application.

Perhaps you want to launch an autoresponder or send interactive outbound messages. Maybe you want to run an SMS-based marketing promotion or build a self-service app for customers.

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Wisdom has nothing to do with how much time has past and everything to do with how much intelligent reflection you did during that time. If you want to be wise beyond your years, you need a game plan. Get direct experience any way you can. Wisdom comes from doing. Not from reading books. Or listening to audio programs in your car on the commute to work. Those things might make you smart — but not wise. You need to run the gauntlet of genuine experience. You need to make mistakes.

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I highly recommend you set one up. You can make it a physical product like a book or a DVD or a digital product like an e-book. Perhaps your income stream is centered on a seminar that you deliver on a regular basis and that you sell tickets to.

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When executed, this program prints out the message “I do not feel like sharing.

Constant Contact’s Autoresponder is an email automation tool that lets you create a series of personalized, automated emails that are sent to a contact after they are added to a mailing list. You choose the order, frequency, and targeted content of the Autoresponder email message.

We ran our business on the side for about a year before going full-time. I would advocate stepping back and asking what you’re really looking for out of the time you have and proceeding carefully. Selling software development services as an individual is extremely risky, especially if you are selling services to buyers who are not tech-savvy. It takes patience and energy, and software developers have a finite amount of these resources.

Serious consulting generally requires daytime availability. It’s a slippery slope from “side hustle” to “leading a double life. One bit of advice if you stick with this plan: You can also mitigate the cost to your performance at your day job if you consult on a different technology than you use at work. But if your day job is in professional services, I strongly recommend against contracting on the side. If it’s all you do, work-for-hire will slowly kill you.

Probably if I blogged I would get more traffic. But it doesn’t hurt to get a website going, and see if you can get ranked in Google for a particular geographic area. I suppose it’s only really useful if you live in a city large enough that businesses are trying to find developers in via Google. Also I’ve found that the people who do search Google for developers in a geographic area, are generally doing this because they want someone local, and have often previously tried offshore developers and not liked the results.

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