Happy National Popcorn Day: Lung cancer screening with a low-dose CT scan is a powerful tool to diagnose lung cancer early in individuals who are at high risk. There are an estimated 9 million Americans in this category, and if just half of them were screened, more than 15, lives could be saved. Currently, fewer than 5 percent of high-risk Americans have been screened for lung cancer. However, to make this lifesaving opportunity a reality, we must do more to raise awareness of both lung cancer and screening. A low-dose CT scan is the only tool that reduces the lung cancer mortality rate for those at high risk. Low-dose CT scan is a special kind of X-ray that takes many pictures as you lie on a table that slides in and out of the machine. A computer then combines these images into a detailed picture of your body.

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Can they seriously just grow up? I’m out of here. I like playing telephone.

The FIFA World Cup was the 21st FIFA World Cup, an international football tournament contested by the men’s national teams of the member associations of FIFA once every four years. It took place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July It was the first World Cup to be held in Eastern Europe, and the 11th time that it had been held in Europe. At an estimated cost of over $ billion, it.

Matthew Passion shouldn’t work. That it does so beautifully speaks to the potency of Bach’s music and a pair of sensitive players. Mad Rush” Seesawing between gentle nostalgia and tempests of swirling arpeggios, an early keyboard piece by Philip Glass gets a compelling interpretation. Preludio"” Even though he plays “straight,” Shaham swings his solo Bach hard.

His technique and intensity are just dazzling. Rondeau"” Hahn’s been playing this concerto for 25 years now, but her joy in it still rings vibrantly true — she doles out grace and muscle in equal measure. John Luther Adams, “Sky With Four Suns” Light from a low-hanging sun, mixed with arctic air, can trigger the illusion of multiple suns, or sundogs. Alaskan composer John Luther Adams thinks they sound like this. This rapturous movement, with the cello at its fore, is mystical, magical and haunting.

Orage” This little 18th-century shredder comes from the enterprising brain of Jean-Philippe Rameau and the limber band of conductor Teodor Currentzis. En sourdine” Reynaldo Hahn’s gently swaying music and Verlaine’s rapturous poetry — set amid the “half-light cast by the lofty branches” — lend a cinematic feel to a love song elegantly sung. Allegro con fuoco"” Those strings. What a powerhouse performance! The velvet-voiced Combs and his supremely savvy band capture the anomie of a lost country morning perfectly in this gently devastating ballad.

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That confidence is worth looking up to. Justin Bieber Unlike some, Justin Bieber uses his celebrity superpowers for good, not evil. He also supports many charities.

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If you are seeking a fun, free quiz, then look no further! Here are one hundred trivia questions with the answers in italics. They’re broken into groups of ten, on different subjects, so everyone can join in no matter how diverse the interests. This trivia quiz is great for many situations, such as parties, social groups, pub events, or school groups. It’s is also suitable for all ages, though very young children might struggle with some of the questions.

Feel free to print this off for any non-profit-making purpose. Name the largest freshwater lake in the world? Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility? What is someone who shoes horses called? What item of clothing was named after its Scottish inventor? What kind of weapon is a falchion?

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Here are some of the most noteworthy skywatching events coming next year. Total eclipse of the sun: March 20 The dark shadow of the moon will trace a curved path primarily over the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, beginning off the southern tip of Greenland and then winding its way counterclockwise to the northeast passing between Iceland and the United Kingdom. The point of greatest eclipse occurs north of the Faeroes, in the Norwegian Sea.

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Stalking is not attractive to anyone. Remember that you always run the risk of rejection when ask someone on a date. Keep these things in mind: Be prepared for competition—a lot of people want to date celebrities. Be aware that some celebrities might be wary about dating a fan. Try again with another celebrity. Try to date someone less famous. Method Going on a Date with a Celebrity 1 Remember that a date with a celebrity different from a normal date.

Be prepared for everything in your relationship to become public. Remember that people will probably gossip about you and your relationship with celebrity. Expect that most of this gossip will not be true. Try to find common interests.

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Pinterest The E3 expo in Los Angeles where hundreds of new games and gaming devices are introduced to over 40, visitors. Sometimes publishers work out timed exclusivity deals so that a big title will appear on one machine first — this is happening with Rise of the Tomb Raider, which will be on Xbox One before Christmas, but not PS4. Publishers may also tie up deals with Sony or Microsoft to offer exclusive content — like multiplayer maps or weapons — to one machine.

For a while, PlayStation 4 was getting visually superior versions of many multiplatform games, with smoother framerates and support for Full HD, but this seems to be equalling out. Eurogamer has a good analysis of this. It has also tied up exclusivity deals with publishers on key games.

NEW EPISODES THURS NOV 29 MTV Floribama Shore. This is the story of eight young adults who spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up .

Share this article Share ‘I discovered how often it ends in tears when women decide to ‘back-date’ as I call it – go back to an old date,’ said Dr Pam. Relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr has devised this quiz to help asses if you should get back with an ex 1. When thinking of him now, are you most likely to feel A little pang B.

Jealous he might be with someone else already C. That you’re missing out on a lot of good times 2. What have you done with photos and mementos of him? I gave them back B. I put them away for safekeeping 3. Was how to spend money an issue between you? We experienced things like awkward ‘bill settling’ moments B. Yes, he was tight, never spoiled me or gave me gifts C.

No major money issues to speak of 4.

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Part 1 was posted on December 10th if you missed it We all realize that our love for stories of females filled with fear and pain is not something that is commonly acceptable in society at large–at least not the way it is usually portrayed here at the GIMP Forum. There are many folks out there who would be appalled at the likes of what is shown here who nonetheless enjoy somewhat similar, though milder concepts in mainstream films and TV offerings. These are men AND women that enjoy watching films and TV programs in the mystery, horror, sci-fi and fantasy genre, which may include scenes of females being tormented briefly and in relatively tamer fashion.

It’s all just varying degrees of kinkiness in my opinion, though not everyone will agree with my assessment. It should also be noted that many of us here at the GIMP Forum are also often attracted to many of these same alternate stories with a dark tone in addition to the type that we know and love here.

Can you have too many wellness plans? VETTED – Oct 30, Maybe, yeah, says this dvm/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year entrant. There were more than two dozen separate packages when she came in, so she turned to the entire practice team to help her pare down and spruce up.

Perhaps no one is as hard-working as Louis, always looking for a good time and good tune. He knows the value of hard work and hard play, and you do, too! Harry Styles Look at you, dreamboat! If Harry is your answer, you’re probably the most handsome human to ever walk the earth and you should probably stop. It’s painful to the rest of us, you know?

But seriously, if you’re most like Harry, you’re a kind, hilarious, talented person.

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More than 20 years since the wildly popular show launched their careers, the actors chatted with PEOPLE about fame, friendship, Friends and that on-screen hookup that just never happened. Matt, you received your fourth Emmy nomination for playing a fictionalized version of yourself in Episodes, and Lisa it was your second nomination for The Comeback. Did you guys call each other when you heard the news? I knew he was. I thought you knew I meant you and I.

How did you know I was?

Mia Apr 27 pm Ugh. There are so many things that bother me about this drama but the biggest thing that bothers me is how badly they shafted my favourite guy T_T Seriously, he was there from the beginning and knew the secret, and always looked out for her.

Once And For All: While some choose to lather up daily, washing too often can do more harm than good, and strip your strands of essential oils. Keep reading to get all the details! Because fine hair doesn’t hold as much volume, it has the tendency to feel oily much faster than its thicker counterparts. Still, lathering up every day can have detrimental effects on your strands.

Look for something that is light in conditioning, as any added weight can cause the hair to become lifeless. Thick hair may take some work in the styling department, but the plus side? You can rock a solid blowout for days on end. If you have curly hair: With more bodacious curves, oil from your scalp won’t travel as quickly down a curly strand as it does on a bone-straight one, so curly girls can also go a few days between lathering up.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, is a detergent that can actually corrode the hair follicle and cause strands to fall out, so pay close attention to the ingredient list on products already in your shower.

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