Low Prices Guaranteed We will match or beat any competitors online pricing. No Hidden Fees The price you see is the price you pay. View All Charters The blue marlin is the national fish of the Bahamas, so naturally, they are plentiful in the crystal blue waters surrounding the islands. They are found throughout the Atlantic Ocean and easily recognized based on their long sword-like nose and large blue bodies. Because they are one of the most popular fish in the Bahamas, catching one, though it may prove difficult due to their strength and size, is extremely rewarding. Description Marlins are known for their size with the females growing up to four times as large as the males. While the larger males usually weigh about pounds, a female can reach up to 1, pounds, just shy of a ton. They can also grow up to sixteen feet long.


The panoramic views of the talcum-soft sand and the enticing color of the sea surrounding the island in the South Bahamas will make you want to bathe in its waters and explore its undersea world forever. Colorful bungalows mingle with the hibiscus trees along the edge of a beach of pearly sand, stretching as far as the eye can see. The resort is exclusively for adults, so guests can devote their energy to their favorite sports all day long, and then dance the night away. Jamaica The Caribbean island of Jamaica, long known for its laid back, party atmosphere has the most choices for singles, with its many adults only all-inclusive resorts.

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Same pool complexes the size of small cities. Same emcee bullying you via megaphone because he needs one more for beach volleyball. And the same overwhelming feeling that you could plop the whole operation down on any island on earth without missing a beat.

Your professional fishing guide for all South Florida and Bahamas fishing. Hook Me Up Charters specializes in kite fishing, live bait fishing, daytime and evening swordfishing, and reef fishing.

Last week we kicked off our master class on advanced bead fishing for rainbow trout with a great post on matching the egg-hatch courtesy of Rapids Camp Lodge guide, Alaska West alum, and certified bead ninja, Rob Rymph. Today, Rob is back with some great advice for choosing the appropriate hook size for the bead at hand. Bead Fishing for Trout: Matching Bead to Hook Size When bead fishing for trout, another helpful hint many people overlook is correctly matching the size of your hook to the size of your bead.

Large beads can block small hooks from a good hook set, causing them to pop out every time! So, as a general rule of thumb.. Use size 8 hooks when fishing 4mm or smaller beads. Use size 6 hooks when fishing 6 mm beads. Use size 4 hooks when fishing 8 mm beads. Use size 2 hooks when fishing 10mm or larger beads.

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See what has been biting and what you can expect to catch in our photo gallery! Sportfishing in Florida is something everyone should experience. And deep sea fishing off the Hillsborough Inlet is one of the best locations in Florida for big game fishing. He has fished professionally around the world and has been charter fishing and tournament fishing in the Bahamas and locally since

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Cabo San Lucas – April 17th, Recorded: If you want to experience some of the most exciting fly fishing in the world, give grant a call and get ready for some fun. Marlin fishing on the fly, no matter what your expectations, can sometimes be a long day trolling around the seemingly endless ocean trying to tease up a Marlin that on some days, never happens. Those days are still fun, being out on the water with friends and experiencing the scenic beauty, but at the end of the day, it’s still a long boat ride.

As it turned out, my days on the water during this trip were anything but a long boat ride. After a bumpy ride fighting the onshore swells all the way we finally arrived at the spot Grant had marked on his GPS and dropped the teasers in behind the boat. Grants decision to make the long trek to this spot in the ocean was the best call of the day. We didn’t have the teasers in the water for more than a few minutes before we had our first Marlin behind the boat.

This would be the first a dozen decent shots I would have at these big beautiful fish in just the first day. Not the mention the small groups of free swimming Marlin that were eating baitfish off the surface like a trout taking a fly off the surface of a lake. You would see birds all of a sudden diving to eat the baitfish being forced to the surface, then two foot long bills followed by a large Marlin heads would emerge as they ate the exhausted baitfish in what seemed like slow motion.


We would have liked to leave Nassau and head for the Exumas, but the wind was still up and it rained, and it rained. Not only that, with the exception of our first night in Nassau with Rick and MP, and the following day at Paradise Beach, our time in Nassau was not all that enjoyable, and we wanted to turn the tide in that regard. This is the view we had from our cockpit for the week, and this isn’t even low tide.

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The fact that these inoffensive islands lying just off the southern tip of Florida have come to be synonymous with self-indulgence, extravagance and high-living is perhaps partly due to the popular perception of them as a tropical tax haven providing a perfect playground for the super-rich and hugely famous. Well, the advent of the Abaco Club certainly did nothing to alter this image as its unashamed upmarket appeal is to the fabulously wealthy seeking luxurious exclusivity.

The formula he employs is surprisingly simple. Find a fabulous site in a spectacular setting well away from the great unwashed; create quality accommodation that combines comfort with something distinctly different; provide a rich array of activities to ensure your guests are always happily occupied; generate a supremely relaxed and friendly atmosphere; and, finally, price it beyond the reach of common folk to keep it exceedingly private, gloriously quiet and frightfully exclusive.

De Savary knew what his rich clients wanted and gave it to them with coconuts at the Abaco Club. Related Articles Caribbean golf courses where the pros play US-based Southworth Development owns the property now and has added fabulous new facilities that make the prospects for the club only shine brighter.

Bahamas golf: Get up and go to the Abaco Club, then lie back and enjoy it

Picked up a seriously cute american girl there when I was Otherwise though, the report reminds me of why I did not want to go back there. Grand Bahama island is worth checking out if you have time. Reply anonymous December 29, at 6: Reply anonymous December 30, at 1:

There is no finer journey than the one that leads you to paradise. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway to Bimini, a cruise along the chain of islands in The Abacos or The Exumas, or a weeklong voyage to Nassau/Paradise Island, the waters of The Bahamas are waiting for you.

After a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch lost the money within three months, Orman waltzed into the firm wearing red-and-white striped pants and a blue shirt, looking like the American flag, with no finance background whatsoever, and asked for a job. She got one if only to fill the “woman quota,” she says , sued Merrill Lynch for the loss while she was working there, settled out of court for the full amount , and then built up her career as a stockbroker and financial advisor before her first bestselling book rocketed her into the public eye.

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